The Penny Coin Game

I’ve ran the penny coin game a few times. One thing I’d like to throw into the mix is to put a client at the end of the line, rejecting the first coin or asking for a modification. The client would hand back the coin to the start and ask for it to be “fixed” as soon as possible.


  • use coins of different value - prioritized (not same as ordered backlog though)
  • use other hand (left) - process improvement
  • use both hands - process improvement
  • reduce batch size
  • fixed sprint lengths (if Scrum related)
  • reject a coin (a feature) - ie resend the entire batch but only flipping one coin in the batch
  • consider requesting the same face up, upon delivery (integration)
  • customer needs to sum value of coins (value is in the using of the increment, not getting it), including previous deliveries
This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.