Göteborg, Augusti 2014

A friend is visiting my hometown. This is my reply to him:

A small list of things I think would do to show the Gothenburg I live in, would include:

  • Liseberg -amusement park, better with kids)
  • Have a break/lunch/fika (bring your own, including frisbee or football ;-)) in Slotsskogen (a green park), go check out the penguins, elks and other animals etc
  • Move from Linnéplatsen (one end of Slotsskogen), by foot down to Järntorget, from Järntorget stroll through Haga
  • The Swedish (inter-)national book fair is held in Gothenburg every year, but it’s in september. http://www.bokmassan.se/en/
  • If you like gardens/flowery stuff, then Botaniska Trädgården (Botanical Garden) is a must see, and the more central Trädgårdsföreningen
  • You might be in town for the opening of the Culture Festival where I’ve actually sang solo (backed by a 200 ppl gospel choir) previous years: http://www.goteborg.com/en/Events/s/Events/viewEvent.asp?eventId=28021 and http://kulturkalaset.goteborg.com/ Perhaps http://en.opera.se/forestallningar/goteborgs-kulturkalas-2014-2014-2015/
  • Going out to one of the islands (Hönö is nice) in the archiapelago with a “en gångs-grill” (one time bbq grill), going for a swim and watching the sun set is also lovely, especially without kids to care for :-) You can get there by bus (might be crammed with people), I thinks it’s line 94 or 91. Taking the car is fine too, but you’ll probably stay in a line to get onto the ferry boats, I certainly have …
  • Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23
  • Perhaps watch/attend concert at Göteborg Operan, http://en.opera.se/
  • There’s a boat ride called Paddan (the toad), which is a classic (but perhaps not very high value) http://www.stromma.se/en/Gothenburg/Sightseeing/Sightseeing-by-boat/The-Paddan-Tour/
  • Vetenskapsfestivalen (Festival of Science) has already been this year, but both Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University has public lectures all year round which may be something to attend http://vetenskapsfestivalen.se/english/
  • A coffee with me, perhaps at Condecco at “Avenyn” (street Kungsportsavenyn)!
  • If you’re into Jazz, you should check out Nefertiti which has attracted the world elite for decades. http://www.nefertiti.se/program/?sort=genre

This list is not bad: http://www.goteborg.com/en/Do/Gothenburg-10-must-dos/

This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.