Nokia 7 plus and 7.2

A few notes from my phone “upgrade”.

I’ve had a Nokia 7plus for the past 18 months or so, and I’ve been really happy about that purchase. It cost merely 350 € and have provided everything I needed. I did get and extra 64 GB SD-card on which I stored photos and Spotify content.However, after extensive use, the touch part of the display has started to stop registering interaction. It essentially stopped working at times, and I had to lock and unlock several times for it to start working. Hence, a display change was necessary. I evaluated getting a new device instead.

This is what I purchased this time around

A Nokia 7.2, which cost about 300 €. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Like …

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • size of the screen and phone housing/body - I can almost reach the entire screen with one hand without too much fuzz
  • AndroidOne - two years of updates, and a third year with security updates
  • decent photography

Dislike …

  • the screen is worse
  • the camera is slower to start
  • speaker(s) playing ringtones and media have a silent but noticable constant static background noise when active
  • after unlocking with the fingerprint scanner, the face recognition process sometimes kicks in and “hides” notifications
  • plastic feel, vs metallic border and glass back

On this last note, it feels like the phone keeps slipping in my hand although I’ve not dropped it once yet. However, I’ll likely use some sanding paper to make it less slippery, or get a plastic casing.

Somehow, the transfer tool, transfering settings and apps from one phone to another, didn’t work. The two devices couldn’t find each other.

Also, I discovered that Google Maps VR doesn’t work on this phone (won’t install).

About the same, no special love …

  • camera is OK, some distortion of proportions towards the edge of the photos
  • overall speed and responsiveness is OK
  • face recognition works OK, but is always slower than just putting my finger on the reader on the back
  • Android Auto (not officially supported yet, apkmirror …) works equally well


The Nokia 7plus may have been “subsidized” in order to win market segment back. I found it to be a great phone at a very decent price level. The 7.2 is an OK phone, at an OK price.

I’m not disappointed, but also not particularly happy.

Apps that needed the old phone

  • BankID - grant acquisition of new ID
  • Authy - enable a new device
  • Google Authentication - all is lost and needs to be setup anew
This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.