ZFS On Linux - Notes

I love what ZFS brings to the table. However, I don’t often have to interact with it, so when I do, I forget what needs to be done. The documentation works pretty well for me, but here are some notes that speeds things up (for me), as I hopefully don’t have to “start over” every time trying to find where to start digging.

Not all zpools appear

Supported solution seems to be apt install mountall. If that still doesn’t work, here are some ideas:

zpool status
zpool list
zpool import     # Lists pools available to import.
zpool import -a  # imports and mounts the pool
zfs mount -a     # if the above failed
zpool status
zpool history

Nifty stuff

  • zpool scrub - The scrub examines all data in the specified pools to verify that it checksums correctly.
  • zfs get all - shows all properties for all filesystems (checksum, atime, mountpoint …)
  • zfs set mountpoint=/dump dump - does that
  • zdb - low level tool
  • zpool labelclear <device> - Removes ZFS label information from the specified device.
This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.