Nedis Wi-Fi Smart Air Quality Monitor with Home Assistant


To measure CO2 levels in various rooms, without paying a fortune for the device. AirThings View Plus works great, but is on the more expensive side of things, IMHO.

So …

Found these Nedis Wi-Fi Smart Air Quality Monitor devices, which claim to actually track CO2. I would’ve preferred an AirGradient Pro but then we end up on the same price level as AirThings. The Basic version from AirGradient is double the price of the Nedis thing.

What I Did & Learned

A sub goal is to get the data into Home Assistant. I’ll accept pulling from the cloud, for now.

  • Nedis has their own labeled version of Tuya’s Android App (needed to get the device onto right Wifi network).

I won’t use that, to make sure I get the cloud integration working.


  • Get the Device speaking to the cloud
    • Install Android App, register an account, allow app to detect nearby devices - the app didn’t ask for it, had to navigate into settings (from within the app, but still …)
    • Start the air quality monitoring device, put it into discovery mode by using a 5 second button push (starts flashing)
    • In Android app, search for the device, enter Wifi credentials (really poor Swedish in the Nedis version of the app, Tuya was not as bad but not good).
  • Get Home Assistant to pull data from Tuya’s cloud

This works fine, but is dependent of Tuya’s platform, infrastructure etc.

Future Improvement

  • Flash the device with Tasmota
  • Use localtuya plugin in Home Assistant
  • Replace with AirGradient?
This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.