2015 State of Scrum

I’m filling out the survey called “State of Scrum 2015”, posted under the Projectmanagement.com domain. It’s terrible.

Everything is a project, like “How may Sprints are typically completed in a Scrum project?” (yes, the typo is there too)

Overall, the answers are really poorly designed, like “How long do your Sprints typically run?” contains the option “6+ weeks36”. I don’t know what the ending 36 means, but I’m not have a PMI certification.
Another really great one: “fter a thorough evaluation of a project’s type, requirements and parameters, a decision is made to use either Scrum or Waterfall Scrum was introduced and integrated into our Waterfall method” - think that’s really two answers in one? Same with their own certification alternatives, where two have been yumbled into one.

Certifications are percieved as a way to assess ability to achieve success.

Poor Scrum understanding overall, even the basic stuff like “When does your team hold Sprint planning meetings?” where the options are: prior to a Sprint, At the beginning of the project; No Sprint planning meetings are done. Sprint Planning takes place at the beginning of a Sprint - there’s no right answer if your doing Scrum by the book. Same thing goes for retrospectives, daily scrums, …

Everything is a meeting according to the survey - even Daily Scrum ‘meeting’!

It’s a bit sad that the Scrum Alliance is promoting this survey.

The positive thing is perhaps that some PM folks are interested.

This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.