Mornington Hotel Stockholm

Superior room for two, 305.


  • Room is perfectly silent
  • No temperature issues or any drafts
  • Bed is OK
  • Shower works well and water is warm
  • Desk is good
  • The room’s interior, as well as bathroom, is in excellent condition
  • Curtains work well and keeps light out farily well
  • Within walking distance from the office I usually work at in Stockholm


  • Really no place to store any clothes, except on hangers
  • Ligths in the room is weird, no central switch
  • Chair in front of desk is not for work
  • The lamp over the desk is not for work
  • There’s only one (1) napkin, but two of everything else
  • there’s a pen at the desk, but no paper to write on
  • The TV signal is poor, noisy and SD resolution
  • No “superior” view out the windows
  • The restaurant’s evening menu is very limited
  • The printer in the lobby prints endless amount of copies when printing from the laptops connected to it


  • Breakfast is OK as is the dining room
  • You can use the USB port and on screen menu on the printer to print predictably

Final Word

  • Don’t stay there again
This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.