Kodi Notes

Some useful commands

# kodi-send --action="Notification('Time is up','Go eat, now!',5000)"

# echo "standby 0" | cec-client -s # turns TV off using CEC over HDMI

Raspberry B2+, Raspbmc, Dell E153FP

This is 4:3 monitor, and the UI is squeezed together horizontally.

tvservice --off -- turns it off, beautifully
tvservice -p  -- wakes monitor up, but doesn't display xbmc
service xbmc restart -- restarts XBMC, takes 15 secs

One issue is once it’s powered back on the EGL context need to be recreated (hence the need to relaunch xbmc).

OpenElec, Kodi, Sony KDL 40V4xx

Connected to HDMI connection 1 (out of three in total, top one on the back of the TV)

kodi-send --action="CECActivateSource"  -- turns tv on if off, and chooses right HDMI source, doesn't change source if TV is on but showing different source

CEC doesn’t work properly anymore. It used to work, meaning I could use the TV’s remote and the commands would get picked up by XBMC/Kodi.

When running cec-client, after a while the notice settles and it just repeats this:

unhandled response received: opcode=8f initiator=1 destination=0 response=0

Others have reported this with broken cables, so I’ll try all I have tomorrow.

Other info

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This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.