Miro vs Mural

Just a list of observations

Miro is nice in having lots of tools, like a well working mind map. However, I’m having graphical issues with Miro (when zooming in/out at certain levels some images disappear and reappear zooming to a different level) and it’s unfortunate there’s no “summon” feature.

Mural is nice in that it’s not very complicated (except the move-tool bottom right, it’s hard for students to make mistakes). The summon feature is nice, but it’d nice to “let go” of everyone.

Mural’s list of shapes is really limiting, no text bubbles for instance.

You can’t rotate text in Mural, works fine in Miro.

“Updating Changes” on Mural means “no-one gets to do any work, wait unexpectedly long for nothing to happen”.

Can’t have bullet lists in Mural text box.

This work by Fredrik Wendt is licensed under CC by-sa.